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Summer Music

Let's Play Recorder Camp

Let's Play Recorder is an 8-lesson program written by the same Let's Play Music instructors who created the original Let's Play Music curriculum. Through this program, your kids will learn folk music from around the world on the recorder and engage their minds with musicianship concepts applicable to any instrument.

Lizz will be offering this class as a 2 to 3-week camp in July, 2024. The dates are to be determined. If you are interested in having your kids attend this program, please contact Lizz!

(435) 630-5381 or
Recorder songbook.jpeg

Let's Play Recorder

8 Lessons for $160

Additional cost for books ($19) and recorder ($10), purchased through Let'

Feel free to bring your own recorder if you already have one!

For ages 6-12.

Camp will be held for 2 - 3 weeks in July 2024. Each lesson will be 1 hour long. Dates TBD.

Contact Lizz if you are interested:

(435) 630-5381 or

Download this easy-to-share social media graphic to help us spread the word about our newest class!
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